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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On News Channels


This article published in The Hindu-Sunday magazine highlights the issues & competition among the various news channels.
As rightly mentioned, no regular news bulletins are put up.
And all news flashed are "Breaking news".

Adding to it are the advertisements which are run on the screens below as it misleads the viewers as"news".

News reporting is important.But prudent reporting is even more important.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

College days

By the way,I have never been to college.Straight after school I joined the CA foundation course - not that I didn’t score enough marks to bag a seat in a college-but I felt that my focus of becoming a Chartered Accountant would get disturbed if I join a college. And at the insistence of my mom, I joined graduation thru correspondence.

But I could fairly get an idea of what it would feel like when you are in college-that too when you are in your late teens. My friends, my cousins, my sisters – all of them have been to college and they often used to share their experiences with me.

My first cousin studied in an Engineering College which was far away from the city-in fact it wasn’t in the city-and so he spent most part of his day away from home. He would start at 7.00 am by train so as to reach college in time by 9.00. At the station, he joins his group of friends and there his day begins, he would say. It is a thoroughly enjoyable time for him after that. His college campus was spread over some 10 acres or so with trees all around. The main attraction of the college was the huge canteen which was inside the campus itself.

Whenever I get to meet him, he would recount his experiences of the previous day, and it would be about how he bunked his class and went off for a movie, or how he went out for lunch and never returned back to college or about the fun he had during a particular lecture, with the lecturer himself sometimes instigating or joining the fun or the times he had spent eating out his pocket money in the canteen with his friends.

For my school friends who had gone to Arts colleges in the city- it was just a place for fun. They say that those were the best moments of their life. Even now when we meet up at any restaurant or at an ice cream parlor they happily recollect that this was their favorite place for their college day treats. Each and every place akin to the college has its own charm and would speak of their stories, they say.

My sister studied in the IIT and each day when she is back from her college-she had the habit of narrating her day’s experiences to us. Though I don’t evince interest in her gabble, sometimes I find it interesting too. Like when she joins with her friends to visit the temple inside the college campus before an important exam or when they do group studies sitting under a big tree in the sprawling campus or when they all go for a walk inside the campus to ease off their exam pressure. Yes, am sure those would be good times.

The other day a friend of mine who studied in MIT-Madras Institute of Technology rang me up urgently to watch a particular movie on television. The first few scenes of the movie were shot in his college campus it seems and he wanted me to watch them. He was very excited when he told about the places he used to frequent during the time he studied which were shown in the movie. Ten years after having passed out, I was stuck at his sparkling enthusiasm when he talked about those days.

There are hard times too in college – like the semester exams and the even bigger threat-in the form of arrears. This, if it happens am sure, is enough to screw up the entire college life of the student-forcing him to swallow the good times he had had.

When I decided not to pursue college studies, I thought I would be the only one in my school group for having taken such a decision. But I was surprised when I found out that another school mate of mine had also made a similar decision. Being the only daughter of rich parents, I have always known her as a girl who would enjoy life to the fullest and would definitely not miss the college life. When I asked her about this, she just said that she wasn’t interested in going to college and she wanted to become a classical dancer.

After schooling, she too enrolled for graduation thru correspondence and our “college” days were spent in the drawing rooms and terraces of our houses-that too for just a week before the final examinations. We too found it thrilling, only that we didn’t have lecturers or big campuses or canteens or classes to bunk.

College days are the most important and memorable part in anyone’s life-It shapes a person from a teenager to a mature human. It is the place where lasting friendships are grown.
From what I gathered, for people who have studied in a college, college days are happy things of the past.
And for those like me – it’s just a foregone fantasy.

Monday, July 24, 2006

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